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After watching recent news stories, I’m becoming increasingly worried about identity theft. I’ve heard stories about how people’s lives have been turned upside down for years after getting their identity stolen. This unsavory business is alive and well all over the world. Fortunately, you can do things to safeguard your personal assets from identity thieves. One smart idea is to purchase a safe for all of your sensitive paper documents. While many of your confidential information is digital nowadays, some of it is not. On this blog, you will learn how to protect your identity by purchasing the best safe for your confidential papers.


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Things To Consider When Installing Automatic Door Closers On The Doors In Your Commercial Building

Closing the doors automatically in a commercial building is very common. Often the door closers are hydraulic mechanisms that pull the door closed after someone goes through. There are, however, some things to consider when installing the closer that can impact what hardware is going to work best for your situation.

Manual Doors

The doors on your building that are unlocked and allow access through them need a door closer that is strong enough to close the doors without making them difficult to open. If the door is so heavy that it is hard to pull open, adding a hydraulic closer may add to the problem, so it may be better to consider an electric closure that activates after the door is opened and uses an actuator to close it.

Many different door closures can be a good fit for varying-weight doors, and working with a door installer to find one that fits your needs is an excellent place to start. The door company can put the closers on after you decide what you want to use and adjust them to ensure they operate effectively. 

Accessible Doors

When you are dealing with accessible doors for people with disabilities, you need to consider the door closers carefully. A person with a disability may not be able to hold the door open as they pass through the doorway. The additional pull of the closer can make it very challenging for someone in a wheelchair, on crutches, or with a disability that limits strength to get through the doors and into the building. 

Adding an accessible door opener will allow people to push a button and open the door, and the door will then close after they are inside the building. These mechanisms can take care of opening and closing the doors, so you do not need an additional closer. It is essential to use the best door mechanism for the type of door in your building, but like manual closers, a door company can help you select the right one and install it. 

Fire Doors

Another issue you may need to consider is closing fire doors in your building in the event of an alarm activation or fire. Often these doors are open during regular operation, but installing door closers to pull them shut in an emergency is vital. 

The doors can use an electromagnetic door stop that holds the door open, but when the alarm goes off, the magnet releases, and the door closer pulls the door closed. The type of door opener you select for each part of the building may be different because of the job it needs to do, so take your time to choose the best openers for each door when installing them.

Reach out to a company like Door Resources to learn more about door closers.